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Acrylic Box Collection: Naturally Preserved Roses

Why an Acrylic Box of Preserved Roses Makes a Beautiful Gift

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, there is nothing more timeless than beautifully preserved roses in an elegant acrylic box. These preserved roses make a great gift for anyone in your life because they keep their gorgeous color and freshness for up to 3 years. You can give one of our long-lasting floral arrangements as a birthday or anniversary gift, a “congratulations” gift for a loved one who has a new baby or gets engaged, or for any other type of occasion where you need to give a present to someone.


Our naturally preserved roses in sleek acrylic boxes look great just about anywhere in the home. Many people put these boxes where they can enjoy them often, such as on a dresser or as decor for the master bathroom. With many different colors to choose from and the option of adding luscious chocolates to your gift, our acrylic boxes of preserved roses are easy to customize to the recipient’s tastes.

Gifting Ideas

There are a variety of different occasions that are perfect for giving an acrylic box of perfectly preserved, colorful roses to someone special to let them know that you care. This might be as a graduation present for a high school or college graduate, or for someone who is getting married.


Preserved flowers that never need watering are also an ideal gift for a busy mother who has just had a baby. You can gift some of these vividly colored roses to a friend or loved one who has a birthday coming up or is retiring, has gotten a new job or has been accepted into the college of their dreams.

Rose Colors and Their Meanings

There is no occasion where a box of preserved roses wouldn't make an amazing present. Plus, you can make your gift even more special by choosing colors that mean something to the recipient. You will also find that each color of rose has a unique traditional meaning, which enables you to choose a gift that says exactly what you want to say to that special someone.


For example, if you have someone whose favorite color is yellow, an acrylic box of preserved yellow roses is one of the best ideas for them and will probably go with their decor. Going by traditional rose colors and their meanings, you might give someone white roses because they are getting married or pink or blue roses because they just had a baby. These preserved flowers will make a beautiful addition to the nursery decor long after the child has grown out of babyhood.


No matter what color of roses you have chosen, these preserved floral arrangements are a thoughtful gift for any recipient.

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