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Home Collection: Preserved Roses for the 

Preserved roses are the ultimate Valentine's Day flowers, as well as a special and long-lasting gift for any occasion. We can make arrangements with the beauty of fresh natural roses or with the long-lasting preserved ones. Whether you are sending flowers to a loved one or purchasing them for a special occasion, a floral arrangement of preserved roses offers an elegant alternative to fresh roses that will only last a week or two.

Why Choose Preserved Roses?

Preserved roses can last up to three years, and they don't require any upkeep. Just keep them looking beautiful with a duster from time to time and away from direct sunlight in a cool room, so you can feel free to use them as decoration in any space in your home or office. Because of their easy care, preserved roses are a perfect sympathy gift for long-term hospital patients who can't keep up with the care required for typical flowers.


Most floral arrangements have to be changed each week. That's a total of 52 arrangements per year! Preserved roses save time, money, and flowers by providing long-lasting, uncompromising beauty.

The Lovely Roses Home Collection

If you are looking for flowers online, the Lovely Roses Home Collection offers a variety of romantic and elegant arrangements for all occasions. Beautiful red, white, or blue roses come in deluxe containers with a ceramic or glass base to add a touch of luxury, elegance and style to any space. You will find these beautifully preserved roses available in white, gold, or silver containers of different shapes and sizes.


Whether your taste is rustic, vintage or modern, a dozen preserved roses from the Lovely Roses Home Collection is sure to add a little something extra to any space for years to come.

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