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Kids Collection: Preserved Roses for Kids

During the Victorian era, people used flowers such as roses to express their feelings towards each other. For example, yellow roses mean friendship, while red roses represent romantic love. 


The act of giving flowers with symbolic meanings carried over to recent history and today, people still use roses as a means of conveying messages. In fact, there are even more occasions to give flowers. If Valentine's Day or weddings are any indications, flowers still occupy the top spot when it comes to romantic gifts.


However, this practice of giving flowers has evolved. It is no longer just about giving bouquets. Now you can give the gift of preserved roses to mark meaningful occasions with flowers that can last for up to three years.

Preserved Roses


Roses are known for being hardy flowers that can look beautiful for long periods of time. Their robustness does have a limit, however. After about a week or so, all cut flowers will eventually lose their freshness.

Fortunately, the technology exists to preserve roses for much longer. Through the use of a special acrylic spray, Lovely Roses can offer flower designs that can last for up to three years without the need for any special care.


An All-Occasion Gift

Flowers always add a special touch to occasions. Whether as a souvenir for a wedding or a gift to welcome a new baby, they are an elegant way to say whatever is on your mind. Our kids’ collection offers a variety of options that can be chosen to suit specific occasions. These arrangements are more suitable for kid-related events and can feature sweet animal figures. The colors are also in welcoming palettes like pinks and blues.


There are some designs that look playful and whimsical, while some are more sophisticated. Shapes and sizes also vary, which means that you can choose one that fits the occasion you are celebrating. These flower arrangements are perfect for baptisms and baby showers. They can even be given to a new mother to congratulate them on the milestone of adding a new baby to their family. You can also use floral arrangements from our Kids Collection as centerpieces. Imagine an array of tables, decorated with an oasis of flowers in the middle. Aside from being an unexpected twist from the usual flower centerpieces, you or your guests can take these arrangements home and enjoy them for much longer.


Even kids can appreciate the gift of preserved flowers. There are arrangements that feature stuffed animals like elephants and bears. What child would not be delighted with a new animal friend? Giving the gift of preserved roses for kids is perfect for many different occasions.


How to Choose the Perfect Arrangement

With so many elegant options to choose from, the process can seem rather daunting. if you are on the lookout for a preserved roses arrangement for kids, think about the recipient first. What is the person like? Consider their age, gender, and personal style. If they are an older child or teenager and more drawn to subtle designs, then a simple arrangement of preserved roses in muted colors is the way to go. On the other hand, more playful personalities or those of the younger set can appreciate a more elaborate arrangement of animals, flowers, and bows. 


Another consideration is the occasion itself. If you will be using the roses as a gift to numerous people, you might consider a smaller arrangement to make it more economical. It is also difficult for people to carry large souvenirs so a more petite arrangement is more suitable. Finally, it is important not to overthink the process of choice. An arrangement of flowers is an appropriate gift for all occasions. The designs are all tastefully-done and feature roses that are naturally beautiful.


The Advantage of Preserved Flowers

There are many ways to present roses to someone. They can be fresh, dried, pressed, or even given alive in a pot.

Contrasting these preserved roses with pressed flowers, for instance, highlights how special these flowers are. Pressed flowers last a long time, but do not have the same versatility as our preserved flowers. They can be framed or arranged in a scrapbook, but they cannot be handled or displayed the way preserved flowers are. Another example is dried flowers. Dried flowers last for a long time, but they rarely have the vitality of preserved flowers. They are dry to the touch and the colors are muted versions of their former selves. With a gift of preserved roses for kids, you can get the best of both worlds.

First, they look as fresh as the day they were picked.


The colors are just as vibrant. They petals look plump and alive. Yet, there is no need to water them or handle them differently just to enjoy them. As long as they are kept away from direct sunlight, the arrangement can be enjoyed by the recipient of the gift. In addition, preserved flowers are natural products. The preservation process only helps keep them looking fresh and naturally beautiful for a longer time. Natural products are an ecologically responsible gift choice. It skips the process of silk or plastic production, so it reduces the environmental impact of the gift. If given to children or even adults, they can appreciate the beauty of nature firsthand without the guilt.


Care for Preserved Roses

Preserved roses are low-maintenance products that do not need any pampering to stay beautiful. However, there are some things you can do to keep their appearance at their best for longer periods. The arrangements can be lightly dusted with a feather duster to clean them. Avoid using any cleaning products on them because it can damage the flowers. Finally, keep the roses away from heat and do not add water to it. 


Roses for Kids

Unlike some other presents you could choose, these flower gifts are universally well-received. Ou preserved roses come in beautiful boxes that can be customized to make them even more special and personal for the recipient. Flowers in general, and  roses in particular, are sentimental gifts. They are closely associated with feelings of love and affection. By giving preserved flowers for kids, you can express your sentiment in a tangible and lasting way that they will be proud to display in their room.

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