Metallic Collection

Lovely Roses' Metallic Collection is just what you're looking for if you want to make an unforgettable statement. This collection shimmers like diamonds and gold, and there are so many color options that you'll be sure to find a brilliant arrangement for any gift or occasion, ranging from subtle rose gold, pale pink and deep fuchsia, to lavender, bold blues, and purples. Or you can simply opt for traditional metals with gold or silver metallic roses.

One sophisticated gold stunner is the Small Round 24K Gold Preserved Roses. This arrangement has nine roses in a black round box, with eight luscious gold roses surrounding a dark and unique black rose.

For fans of pink, there's the Small Acrylic 3 - Pink Metallic Premium Preserved Roses arrangement which comes in a transparent container that has a drawer. This arrangement also has nine roses in three pink and purple tones. A gift note or chocolates can be added to this arrangement.

Preserved Roses

Naturally preserved roses have been treated through a chemical preservation process that enables them to last for up to three years under favorable conditions. First, roses are plucked in their ideal state of beauty or maturation. Once harvested, the roses are put through a proprietary process to absorb a plant-based, biodegradable preservation formula. This non-toxic formula takes the place of the roses' own naturally produced sap and water and preserves the roses at that optimal point of maturation. Preserved roses remain in this beautiful state without water or sunlight for months or years. They can last even longer – up to a decade – when preserved in a special case.

Although preserved roses don't have the same aroma as natural freshly plucked roses, there are quite a few good reasons to buy preserved roses. Preserved roses have a very long shelf life, require very little maintenance (no need for sunlight or water, just lightly remove any dust), and are a smart purchase over the long run because they will keep their natural beauty without needing to be replaced weekly. Shop with us for gorgeous, long-lasting metallic preserved roses today!

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