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How Did The Tradition Of Giving Flowers Become What It Is Today?

You have probably received flowers in your life for some specific occasion. Have you ever wondered where this tradition originated, though? Here at Lovely Roses, we offer beautiful arrangements so you can buy flowers online. In addition, we provide information on why people started giving flowers for special occasions in the first place. The main idea is that flowers are meant to translate emotions from one person to another. The emotions that flowers represent varies among the reasons they are given. For example, if a loved one has passed away, people will receive flowers that are meant to represent sympathy or compassion. On the flip side, flowers are sometimes given on happy occasions such as birthdays or graduations to represent congratulations and happiness. No matter why people receive flowers, they never fail to warm people’s hearts. We offer top quality flowers for you to warm the hearts of others. So stop searching for “flowers near me” and get flowers from us. We are the best in Miami!

Buy Flowers Online And Represent History

Flowers are meant to convey emotions from one person to another, but what is the history behind this ageless tradition? Well, back in the Middle Ages, it was considered rude to express feelings and emotions through words. Therefore, people decided to give flowers to one another to express themselves. However, giving flowers was not as simple as it is today. The Victorians invented various rules on how to give flowers properly. There were plenty of circumstances where people would hand bouquets on flowers to one another for similar reasons we give flowers today. However, there were times when flowers were given for negative reasons. Handing someone a bouquet of red roses upside down represented anger towards that person. Ironically, red roses today represent everything but anger, so some traditions in terms of giving flowers did not last. Either way, we still carry on the tradition of giving flowers for various reasons, even though we do not have the exact same rules in the Middle Ages. We are also able to express our emotions through words without it being rude. We are fully educated on flowers, so don’t stress over “flowers near me” because we have the best flowers you can buy.

When To Give Flowers

Since there are so many occasions where giving flowers seems appropriate, it can be hard to keep track of when exactly to give flowers. Of course, you can give or receive flowers anytime, but here are the most common occasions for giving flowers:

  • Get well soon flowers for the sick

  • Sympathy flowers during hardships

  • Anniversary flowers

  • Birthday flowers

  • Graduation flowers

  • Funeral flowers

  • Wedding flowers

Find The Perfect Flowers

We want to make sure that you are fully satisfied with the flowers you give and receive. Our company values the history of flowers so much because we understand the importance of tradition and etiquette when it comes to giving flowers. Stop searching for “flowers near me” and get your flowers from us. We guarantee quality flowers from professionals who know how to help you find the perfect flowers.

Contact Us

Lovely Roses are professionals who know everything there is to know about giving flowers. We understand all the different meanings behind flowers and which ones are appropriate for what occasion. Call or visit us today in Miami to buy flowers online and receive the perfect bouquet for the occasion of your choice. You won’t regret it!

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