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Why Are Teddy Bears So Comforting?

It is no surprise that children use “lovies,” which are typically a stuffed animal or blanket, to help soothe them when they are upset, but did you know that adults could benefit from the same thing? According to the flower shop, Miami locals trust teddy bears are comforting to adults, not just kids. That is why so many people are opting to send flower bears to their loved ones, so they get the best of both worlds. Luxury Flower Shop in Doral, FL, has a team of experts that can help you pick the best arrangements to send!



Over fifty percent of children use some type of object to help soothe and comfort them, and many adults have found comfort in the same exact thing, which is why the top florists in the area have started making arrangements that are flower bears so you can send love with pretty flowers and comfort of a teddy bear. Touching an inanimate object can help people with low self-esteem as well as life stress and worries. 

There has been a series of research and tests done that allow participants to touch a teddy bear while being asked questions, and they all reported having less anxiety as well as better social connections. After these findings were released, people began realizing that using an object for comfort was nothing to be ashamed of, whether it is a blanket, cushion, or stuffed animal. Another research study done showed that over a third of adults admitted to sleeping with a teddy bear, and twenty-five percent of men claimed they would even pack them to take away on business trips. A comfort object for everyone, adult or child, reminds them of home and can make them feel safe. For an adult, the comfort object can also serve as a replacement for a spouse or significant other that is not with them. Despite the fact that so many adults admitted to having a comfort object that they use ten percent of single male participants said they hide their object when someone comes over. Also, fourteen percent of men that are married said they would hide their object when friends and family come to spend time at their house. All these findings are understandable since comfort objects are seen as something children need or should use, and it is easy for adults to be embarrassed by having and using them. Especially if the comfort object that someone has had for a long time, it could be falling apart or discolored. However, no matter what the age or condition of your object is if it brings you comfort and helps soothe you, cuddle away!


Luxury Flower Shop in Doral, FL is an international business that designs deluxe arrangements with preserved roses. We pride ourselves on offering quality products and providing top of the line customer service. If you’ve been looking for flower bears, call or visit us today to find out how we can help!

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