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Our Eternal Roses Are The Perfect Valentines Day Gift

The most romantic day of the year is upon us! Sooner than expected, boom! Valentine’s Day is going to be here, bringing along all of its charming and contagious glory. In Doral, FL, at Lovely Roses, the unique luxury flower shop Miami locals trust, we decided to start ahead and create the beautiful floral arrangements that will take your loved one’s breath away, sealing a further connection between you! One of our latest innovations for the season is the bouquet of preserved roses Miami lovers won’t resist! That’s why we want to share with you this incredible secret that genuinely can be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Why Are Preserved Roses so Special for this Valentine's Day?

Roses probably are the most popular flowers in the world, globally recognized as a symbolic icon unquestionably tied to Valentine’s Day, embodying love, adoration, balance, new beginnings, a promise of a future together.

Traditionally, roses -single or bouquet- have been the gift to give on multiple special celebratory occasions, beyond Valentine’s Day. Sadly, the joy and beautiful colors brought by the enchanting floral souvenir shortly ends after a week or so.

How would you feel if we told you these gorgeous and delicate gifts from nature could be organically enhanced to providing a long-lasting effect? Pretty good, right?

At our Lovely Roses shop, located in Doral, FL, our professional floral designers have been hard at work, creating glamorous, luxurious, and naturally looking preserved roses Miami lovers won’t resist!

Gift this precious souvenir on Valentine’s Day and see for yourself how this beautiful piece shows the essence of the love and appreciation you want to retribute to your loved ones.

The custom made designs last for up to three years, without maintenance (watering, daylight), preserving freshness and naturalness, while offering multiple decoration possibilities, and an excellent ecological option for a competitive price.

The long-lasting preserved roses are the only flowers that won’t die indoors, what a perfect gift!

Why Is Essential to Choose a Flower Shop Miami Locals Already Trust?

There are many flower shops in the Miami offering similar arrangements, without the same benefits. Be careful and avoid falling for irresponsible scams that will make you look bad at a crucial and special moment.

With Lovely Roses you won’t ever have to face that fear.

Our products are made for the customer, while thinking of the customer, as a top priority.

Pick Rose Color that Soothes Your Intentions

Every color has a different meaning. If you are not familiar with each concept, consider this helpful guidance:

  • Red: romance, love, passion.

  • Pink: sweetness, admiration, grace.

  • Yellow: joy, happiness, cheerful.

  • White: innocence, purity.

  • Orange: energy, enthusiasm.

  • Cream: thoughtfulness.

  • Peach: appreciation.

Now that you know the meaning behind the color, do you fancy a multicolored bouquet?

Contact Us

Visit us at Lovely Roses today! The Doral, FL flower shop Miami locals trust. Come and see the unique decorative arrangements our professional flower designers prepared for the preserved roses Miami lovers won’t resist on this Valentine’s Day.

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