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Capture Your Special Someone with The True Power Of Flowers

Every flower store owner or delivery driver knows the true power of flowers. Seeing the smile on someone’s face when they’re surprised with flowers, no matter the occasion, is the reason behind why florists love their jobs so much. Some people claim they don’t like flowers or would prefer not to get them; however, a Rutgers University study shows that flowers are linked to better life satisfaction and mood enhancing. Boost the mood around your home or put a smile on a friend's face by searching for "flowers near me," and making someone's day!

What the Flower Store Owners Know That You Don’t

You can change it to... On your hunt to find "flowers near me" online, you find many different flower arrangements and you'll see why florists truly love their job. Just the presence of flowers in your home has been proven to have these benefits:

  • Immediate Impact on Happiness- When someone receives flowers, their first reaction is happiness with responses ranging from gratitude, excitement, and surprise, including genuine happiness. That sudden rush of serotonin to the brain can have an immediate impact on your mood and attitude.

  • Long Term Mood Enhancement- Constantly surrounding yourself with flowers can lessen depression and anxiety, agitation, and other negative feelings through aromatherapy. Flowers that are gifted are reminders that someone cares for us and wants flowers near me.

  • Intimate Connections- When people give and receive flowers or other gifts, they are building connections with each other and creating bonds. Being kind and showing that you care is a great way to show support to your friends, family, and loved ones. These findings were proven through the Rutgers University study, where subject responses were tracked when given flowers and other gifts such as candles or fruit baskets. Flowers consistently got the highest positive response rate, and the feelings were said to last up to three days for many participants.

Flower Color Meanings

Hey Siri, "flowers near me," may be your immediate action when looking for flowers, but don't forget to dig deep into what kind of flowers you want and also, what kind of feeling you want your special someone to feel when given the flowers.Not everyone knows what the symbolism of flowers is, but those who do will point out if you send a bouquet that isn’t the best choice for the event or recipient.

Red- Red flowers such as roses are for love and romance and have also shown to have positive effects on the immune system.

Purple- Purple flowers are calming, peaceful, uplifting, and encourage creativity.

Yellow- Yellow flowers are happiness and can evoke excitement, joy, and radiance. Yellow flowers represent friendship and can also help with memory recollection.

Orange- Orange flowers encourage optimism, determination, and success. Send orange flowers to someone who just received a promotion.

Blue- Blue is dependable, calming, refreshing, and sedative. Blue flowers are perfect for sending for events like birthdays, get-well-soon, or just because you want to.

Green- Green flowers inspire tranquility, freshness, renewal, and progress. Sending green flowers or shrubs as a housewarming gift is always a great idea!

When you need to find a flower store in Miami, contact The Lovely Rose to put together the perfect bouquet for any occasion.

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