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Different Methods of Preserving or Drying Flowers

Flowers are universal and are wise gift choices to give others for many different occasions. Sometimes they can be a way to help comfort someone dealing with hard times in life, or even sickness. Other times they are a gift of love or friendship to symbolize the bonds you share with the people around you. We at Lovely Roses in Miami specialize in the various styles of flowers online--specifically roses, which are some of the most popular and universal flowers for various occasions. Today, we’d like to take a moment and talk more about preserving flowers and how you can send preserved roses Miami friends and family will love.

Flower Preservation Methods

Did you know that flower preservation is an ancient art? It’s no surprise that the people from thousands of years ago also found emotional and sentimental value in flowers, and would invent ways to prevent them from decaying. Evidence suggests flower preservation dates back to at least 4000 years ago, as dried flowers have been found, still in tact, in old tombs of that era. It's possible that the art could date back even further. What are some of those methods though, and how are flowers preserved today?

  • Pressing A common way many people would preserve flowers, and even still do today as a hoppy, is through pressing them between newspapers with a heavy weight. These are often saved in books similar to scrap books.

  • Using glycerin Using a solution with a 2:1 ratio of water to glycerin and then placing the flowers in them is another older method. The glycerin solution replaces the water in the flowers and keeps them supple for longer.

  • Hanging flowers An easy way to preserve flowers is to tie them in bundles and hang them upside down. You want to make sure they have adequate ventilation and are away from direct sunlight. This takes about a week to a few weeks depending on the flower size and the humidity of the room.

  • Sand A unique way to preserve flowers is to stick their stems down into a pool of sand and gently cover the petals with more sand until completely submerged. This process takes 2-3 weeks and results in flowers that retain their shape.

  • Microwaving them This may sound a bit odd, but some hobbyists will dry flowers in the microwave. They’re placed between kitchen towels and microwaved for about a minute total. It’s important to check them every few seconds though as they can burn very easily.

  • Using a Molecular Sieve A molecular sieve is a crystalline mixture of organic solvents that’s poured over flowers. The mixture contains pores that absorb the water molecules in the flower through them, and after a few days of being stored in an airtight container, they’re fully preserved.

Why Choose To Buy Flowers Online?

It can sometimes be a challenge to voice how you feel to someone during impactful moments in your life or their life. Elegant roses are a way to help initiate those feelings in a way that transcends language. They can help you say the things you can’t speak and show that you spent the time needed to find the right flowers for the occasion. Additionally, while we can often predict a conversation we will have with someone, we rarely anticipate us receiving flowers. This gives us a sudden and spontaneous positive emotion and allows us to get an idea of how the giver thought of us.

With roses specifically, these are the most popular flower for many, and because of that, they hold the biggest emotional weight. Whether you’re looking to send a romantic message, a message of healing, or a message of friendship, roses are the perfect flowers to effectively send those thoughts and feelings to the receiver.

Contact Us for Preserved Roses Miami Loved Ones Can Enjoy

If you’re looking to find preserved flowers online for a special occasion, then consider us at Lovely Roses in Miami. Even if you aren’t around the Florida area, our flower delivery service is always an option so that you can get the best quality roses for any occasion. Contact us today to learn more about our beautiful roses and how you can send a bouquet of beautiful, preserved roses Miami friends and family will love to receive.

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