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Dads Love Flower Gifts Too!

Are you the type of person that forgets certain holidays every year? Each year, some holidays seem to pop up, with an almost unexpected feel. Yes, it’s true! There are times that you feel as though you are scrambling at the last minute to find the best gifts at the best prices. For some, the most stress-free presents to buy are for children under the age of 8. However, the most challenging person to buy gifts for is often DAD! If you’re like most people who struggle every year to come up with a great gift for your dad, check out these unique gift ideas for dad that can really bring a smile to your dad’s face.

Since He Buys What He Wants For Himself, Why Bother?

That may sound like a harsh question, but it’s the truth. It can feel like more work that good it does, considering you will be stressing over a gift he may not even like. However, on a more pragmatic note, science has shown that gift-giving and selflessness strongly align with being happy. Gift-giving is known to benefit both the giver and the recipient. Giving someone a gift strengthens the bond between the giver and receiver, and both get to share in the joy of giving and receiving. Miami’s Lovely Roses wants to be a part of that same joy by providing our long-lasting flower arrangements to Miami residents.

How Can Flowers Be One of the Unique Gift Ideas For Dad?

While cut flowers abound, Miami’s Lovely Roses uses a proprietary process that preserves roses for up to three years. Therefore, the gift that your dad or other loved ones receive from you won’t wilt and die in a few days. Your dad and loved ones will be able to look at your gift and feel your love while remembering the joy, for months and even years come whenever they see their flowers. Don’t worry if you have a ‘black thumb’ (every live plant or flower you touch seems to die immediately) because you don’t have to water them or worry about how much sun they receive. Keep your gift indoors where you will be able to enjoy these beautiful, long-lasting, real flower arrangements Miami locals love.

Does Lovely Roses Offer Other Gifts or Just flowers?

Lovely Roses has created many original gift ideas. Our craftsmen (and women) creatively integrate the preserved roses into items such as roses delivered in cigar boxes found in the Celebrities Collection. Some of the arrangements found in the Natural Collection can include chocolates and champagne, and the Square Black Box Preserved Roses can be found in the Square collection. Don’t worry about choosing the wrong gift this year for Father’s Day. Choose flower arrangements Miami locals trust - Lovely Roses!

Contact Us

If your dad is fortunate enough to live in the Miami area, you’ve got the inside connection for one-of-a-kind gift ideas for dad’s Father’s Day gift. Just call or check out our website. If you already have a gift for your dad, go ahead and sign up for our special offers.

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