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The Emotional Impact of Flowers

Flowers are perfect for any occasion. If you think about it, we find them suitable gifts for so many different scenarios. Whether we’re giving flowers to the person we love, or placing a bouquet on someone’s tombstone, there’s a significant emotional impact that flowers have on us. At Lovely Roses, we not only provide elegant roses to Miami locals, but also offer online flower delivery. We have dedicated ourselves to to power of roses, one of the most impactful flowers in our culture. With our expertise, we’d like to share with you information on the emotional impact that flowers have on us.

The impact of Roses

No doubt the most popular flower out there is the rose. There is something beautiful and mystifying about the circular, symmetrical petals of the rose that has captured the attention of humans throughout history. Because of this, one of the best reasons to use roses in your arrangements is our familiarity with them. People recognize roses and understand the messages behind them, but there is another benefit. Roses come in many different colors--each with its own, unique message.

  • Red Red roses are a way to say “I love you,” and are the most popular rose color. They’re not only appropriate for romantic occasions, but can also be great to send to your family, such as on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

  • Pink Pink roses are all about appreciation and gratitude. These are the perfect flower to send to someone who was there for you when you needed them, particularly for an important moment in your life.

  • White White roses symbolize new beginnings, which is why they’re commonly associated with weddings. Beyond that, you can also use them to help mark an important shift in someone’s life, such as having survived through health complications.

  • Orange Orange roses are the fun roses for more casual--but important--moments in someone’s life. Consider a small bouquet of orange roses for a housewarming party or new year celebration.

  • Yellow Yellow roses are about friendship and good health. These are the go-to flowers to send your best friend after something has happened, such as making up from a fight. You can also use them to send to someone who’s sick as a message to get well soon.

Why Consider Online Flower Delivery?

Sometimes it can be difficult to voice your thoughts and feelings to someone during impactful moments in your life or their life. Flowers are a way to help initiate those feelings. They help you say the things you can’t speak and show that you spent the time to find the right flowers for the occasion. In addition, while we can often anticipate a conversation we will have with someone, we rarely anticipate us receiving flowers. This gives us an immediate positive emotion and allows us to see how the giver thought of us.

Contact Us Today for Specialized Roses

If you’re looking to find roses for a special occasion, then consider us at Lovely Roses in Miami. Whether you are in Florida or not, online flower delivery is always an option so that you can get the best quality roses for any occasion. Contact us today to learn more about our beautiful roses and how you can arrange a bouquet for a special time.

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