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Why Are Red Roses a Symbol of Love?

Have you been looking for the best Valentine’s Day flower delivery service in Miami Luxury Flower Shop can help. Finding the right flower arrangements near me isn’t always easy, especially when you aren’t sure what type of flower you should get. That’s why working with a team of expert florists could help you learn why a red rose is the symbol of love and the reasons you should consider sending them to your significant other this holiday!

Everything You Need to Know About the Top Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery Service

Trying to find the perfect flower arrangements near me isn’t always an easy task, especially around Valentine’s Day. This can become even more difficult if you’re not sure what type of flower you should include in your arrangement. That is why talking with professionals could help you understand the meaning behind different flowers and help you figure out which you should include. For instance, a lot of people don’t understand why the red rose is a symbol of love if you’re not sure why either keep reading below to find out more!

It’s just a fact of life that red roses are considered to be the most romantic flower. This idea can be dated back to the times of Shakespeare when he used the flower in his classic play Romeo and Juliet, but what exactly gave this epic flower this reputation? In western culture, people believe that this particular flower was created by Aphrodite, the goddess of love. According to Greek myths, her tears mixed with the blood of her lover, Adonis, and watered the ground where the first red roses grew. Because of how they came to be, they became the symbol of eternal love. In Eastern culture, the rose is also linked to legends of love. According to Hindu stories, the goddess Laxmi, who was the goddess of fortune and prosperity, was created with 1008 red rose petals and 108 large red roses. Ever since this time, the Hindus have linked red roses with romance and love. Arabs also tell a tale of how a nightingale saw a white rose and fell in love and because of the overwhelming love for the flower, the nightingale pressed it against its chest and one of the thorns pierced through its heart causing blood to flow from the body to the rose turning it red. The story and rose are considered symbolic of intense love and romance.

During the Victorian age, flowers were a significant symbol used to express a wide variety of emotions, and they were given as gifts for celebrations, birthdays, and special occasions. The people of this time became obsessed with the language of flowers, especially pertaining to romance and love. During this time, the red rose was given to express a deep, passionate, and intimate type of love. As time progressed and we reached modern times, flowers were continuously used in courtship and dating as a way to express complex emotions, particularly love and romance. Roses, especially, have been used to convey a number of different messages depending on the color chosen for the arrangement, but the red rose has continued to be used and meant for love and intimacy.

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