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Wedding Flowers Have a Long History

One of the most iconic elements to any wedding, regardless of whether it’s a classic wedding or a more modern one, are the flowers--particularly the bouquet. At Luxury Flower Shop, we’ve worked with many coordinators to provide the best wedding floral arrangements for special occasions throughout Miami. For us, working to contribute wedding flowers to a couple’s special occasion is a joy and an honor. Did you know that there’s a long and rich history of the use of flowers in weddings? We’d like to take a moment to share our passion for flowers with you today by teaching you a bit about the history of floral arrangements in weddings.

Early Records of Flowers in Weddings

Cultural evidence suggests that the use of flowers in weddings dates back to the earliest parts of recorded history in Egypt, Greece, and Rome--about 800 to 500 BCE. Brides would carry sheaths of wheat embellished with fruiting branches and other icons of abundance to symbolize their fertility and the children they would have. There are hundreds of other unique, floral traditions that we’ve seen in weddings since then; here are a few that we think are fascinating:

  • 5th to 15th Centuries in Europe This was a time where bathing and laundry cleaning were a thing for the rich and privileged. Fragrant flowers and herbs were often used to mask personal odors, which could be used in the form of garlands.

  • Elizabethan Era (16th and 17th Centuries) In addition to the bride wearing floral garlands, wedding guests would also receive small bouquets as gifts. In addition, the kissing knots were introduced. These were rounded balls of blossoms hung above the bride-and-groom’s section of their table, and worked much like holiday mistletoe today--signalling the two to kiss.

  • Victorian Era (Mid-19th to 20th Centuries) The use of flowers grew, and brides were often wearing blossom browns and holding posy bouquets. Queen Victoria herself most notably filled her ceremony with many blooming flowers and sparked a craze for flower crowns throughout the era.

Modern Wedding Flowers

Nowadays, especially here in the United States, weddings focus a lot less on tradition for tradition’s sake and more on personal expression. While there’s no shame in having a classic wedding, couples are challenging tradition by expressing their own tastes or heritage. Now is a great time to find inspiration in the styles you love to choose the wedding floral arrangements and theme that you feel best fits you and your significant other’s personal taste. At Luxury Flower Shop, our personal favorite are bouquets of white roses. Roses are a universal symbol for love, and white is often associated with purity. These are simple and elegant, yet flexible and fit well in many different wedding styles. You can even add other colors and flowers to add contrast if you’re going for a less traditional set up. Regardless, the message that white roses send is timeless.

Contact us for Wedding Floral Arrangements

If you’re coordinating on a wedding in Miami, then look no further than Luxury Flower Shop. We specialize in elegant roses of many different colors--perfect for weddings of any style. Let us help provide the best wedding flowers needed for all kinds of floral arrangements, from the bouquet to decorative arrangements of the reception tables. Contact us today to hear more about our wonderful selection.

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