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Round Box Collection: Naturally Preserved Roses

The Beauty of Preserved Roses

Receiving a beautiful bouquet of luscious roses from the person you love most is undeniably special! But unlike your love, roses are fleeting, and their beauty doesn't last long. Sometimes in only a manner of days, roses start to droop, petals start to fall, and their color begins to fade. And that bouquet you spent so much money on goes right into the trash, along with any memory of it.


When gifting someone roses, you want them to be able to enjoy those roses for a long time to come and not just for a few short days. Lovely Roses knows that you want the roses you send to your special someone to stand the test of time, and that's why we offer preserved roses!


Coming in a beautiful, round box, our preserved roses are the real thing. Gorgeous natural roses undergo a special process in which we choose only the loveliest, best roses and dry them out and then rehydrate them through a special technique that leaves them looking as fresh as the day they were plucked.


Unlike dried flowers that look and feel like paper and crumble in your hands, preserved flowers retain all of their vibrant color as well as their silky, flexible feel.


With this preservation process, our roses will hold their beauty for years to come. They don't need water or any care, either. They make a wonderful floral arrangement for your side table or dressing table, while also making for a wonderful centerpiece for your dining room table.


No matter the occasion, Lovely Roses has the perfect color of roses for you to gift to your one and only. Of course, you can never go wrong with red roses! But we also have white roses and pink roses.


And if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary for your unique love, we also have vivacious roses that come in the stunning colors of bright blue and pulsating purple. For a woman who can't get enough gold, the Super Deluxe Rose Gold roses will surely dazzle her!


Our preserved roses come in a wonderful handmade box with a ribbon tied around it, which means they are all ready to display as soon as they are gifted.


When you want the perfect symbol of your long-lasting, eternal love, then regular roses that perish in the blink of an eye just won't do. You want the love of your life to know that you're devoted to him or her for all of time. The preserved roses from Lovely Roses are the ultimate, long-lasting gift and a reminder of your thoughtfulness and love. Lasting for up to 3 years with no maintenance needed, preserved roses retain their beauty and effervescence.


Don't come home with roses that will start drooping before the sun sets! Present your love with preserved roses from Lovely Roses to express your everlasting love and devotion.



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