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What are Preserved Roses?

Preserved roses are growing in popularity because they are eye-catching and make fantastic gifts. Learn all about the steps in the process of preservation and the benefits of this unique floral gift.


Preserved roses are roses that undergo preparation to make the long-lasting. The process of preserving flowers is different from just drying. When people dry flowers, they usually hang them upside down for a few days to a week, which thoroughly dehydrates the stem and the bloom.


Why Are Preserved Roses the Perfect Gift?


Dried roses don't have much lasting power. Even worse, they end up being brittle and don't have much color. That means they're not aesthetically pleasing, and they break easily through regular use. Dried flowers are not fully dehydrated so that the petals can fall off. You may be able to keep roses in this manner for a few months, but don't expect them to last any longer.


As long as the preservation process is done correctly, expect preserved roses to look incredibly vibrant while maintaining their durability.


It's crucial to properly preserve flowers when they're at their best. A natural plant will maintain many characteristics of beauty when long dried or preserved as soon as the process is complete. Preserving fresh flowers at the peak of their beauty makes it possible to create long-lasting floral arrangements that look 100% natural.


Plant preservation is an eco-friendly process that replaces the natural sap of the flower with preservatives. The process takes fresh roses and makes them last much longer than dried flowers.


What Are the Benefits?


The primary benefit of preserved roses is how long they last. It's also helpful that, once preserved, they won't need any water or sunlight. That makes roses like this suitable for a wide array of applications.


They also are fantastic for gifts because people cherish roses and want to keep them as long as possible. Giving someone preserved roses as part of an arrangement is particularly significant. They also don't require any special care, which makes them stress-free for the recipients. They can admire the roses without having to worry about keeping them looking great.


How Long Will Preserved Flowers Last?


You may decide to place your preserved roses on a shelf or in a vase, where they can last between one and three years. Some preserved roses arrangements come in sealed enclosures, which make them last the maximum amount of time. These types of flowers add something special to any room or setting, creating beautiful home decor or floral art.


Nothing beats the beauty of a rose. If you love roses, you will want to receive the benefits of preservation. They also make exceptional gifts because of their beauty. And they are the ideal Valentine's Day gift, because the roses are 100% real but much more long-lasting than a regular bouquet of fresh roses!


Order from the Experts


At Lovely Roses, we're specialists in preserved roses and do our best to ensure that your ordering experience with us will be perfect, and that your purchase is something you or your loved ones will always cherish. Why give someone roses that will barely last when you can get them a gift that will have them in awe for years?


Roses are a classic, and preserving them gives the recipient a way to enjoy their beauty for years to come. Preserved roses are a superior alternative to dried flowers, lasting many times longer than fresh flowers. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our process, or place your order now.

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