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Scented soy candle Chico Lovely


Massages, Hydration, Feet and Hands, Elbows, Knees and all the dry parts of the skin. Ideal for couple moments.


What is it?


A candle with natural oils, which act at a temperature between 37 and 40 ° C, provide sensations of well-being and bodily pleasure. With an extraordinary aroma that provides calm and tranquility. Manufactured with vegetable oils and shortenings along with the versatile soy paraffin and pure essential oils.




All ingredients are as natural as aloe vera, high quality and natural origin, soy paraffin, shea butter, almond oil, essential oils, all elements for skin care, and improve its elasticity


How is it used?


The candles of a massage have nothing to do with the feeling that the wax has a high boiling point, therefore, it does not take much temperature to cause combustion, the wax when heated produces a warm oil, with information about the massage throughout the body. Its temperature is warm and its aroma very pleasant, it has a very soft and silky texture that spreads easily on the skin. Provides nutrients for the skin. Ideal to moisturize and moisturize the drier parts of the body. This is how they are so erotic, they are highly recommended to enjoy in couple moments.


Lovely scented soy candle


They are characterized by their clean and slow burning, for their therapeutic, corporal applications and for their excellent diffusion of aroma, being a natural alternative that surpasses in quality of the product the candles made with waxes derived from petroleum or synthetic resins.

Scented soy Candle Chico Lovely

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