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Beauty and the Beast Collection: Preserved Roses in a Glass Dome

Bringing the magic and allure of beloved films to life isn't easy, but our Beauty and the Beast rose selection successfully does just that. This tremendous collection of preserved roses allows customers to choose from a multitude of petal colors and shades and then, thanks to our state-of-the-art preservation processes, enjoy these gorgeous flowers for a substantial period of time -- with no sunlight, watering, or maintenance required, other than some light dusting. Our roses are carefully preserved and sure to impress customers with their absolutely fantastic details and features.

Buying from our website is a breeze, and our packaging and shipping efforts help to guarantee that you'll receive your order safe and sound in no time at all.

What Makes Our Beauty and the Beast Roses Special?

There are a few important differences between our preserved roses and those of the competition.

First, each offering in our Beauty and the Beast rose collection lasts for one to three years. No maintenance whatsoever is required. Watering, sunlight, potting, and many of the other considerations of traditional flowers simply don't need to be worried about. And although our colored roses last longer than other companies' roses do, they retain their color, petal details, and vibrancy throughout their life expectancies. In short, our roses look fantastic right off the bat and still look great years down the line.

Next, our preserved roses are available for purchase in a multitude of shades, colors, and styles. The traditional red rose, like that seen in the Beauty and the Beast, is far and away the most common preserved rose. But in an ode to innovation and cutting-edge beauty, we offer a remarkable variety to choose from. Solid black, light pink, metallic silver, and yellow are just some of the unique roses we offer.

Additionally, customers can purchase royal blue, rainbow, light blue, and metallic gold Beauty and the Beast roses. Each of these options is breathtaking in its own way and helps you pay homage to one of the most beautiful animated movies ever.

The preserved roses in this collection are also available in extra large choices, ideal for customers who are looking to make extra large statements. And that's just what we did. Rose lovers can also add red, blue, white, rainbow, and black extra-large preserved roses to their cart. Plus, specialized extra-large roses that are designed in the style of the American flag, the Honduran flag, the Puerto Rican flag, the Venezuelan flag, and more are also available. The possibilities are endless when it comes to our preserved roses, and if you're looking to "go big," you've found the right rose company.


The next way that our preserved roses separate themselves from those of the competition is by coming complete with an inscribed base ("Lovely Roses" is written in gold text against this stand), a vibrant matching ribbon, and a gorgeous crystal case. Our presentation goes above and beyond because we believe that there's something to producing magical products, as opposed to simply producing products. Each and every one of our roses is presented elegantly and professionally.

Additionally, for a small extra charge, our customers can make their preserved roses their own. We also offer perfectly sized LED lights that can be placed underneath our preserved roses to accentuate their details and nuances—a sight that looks outstanding during the daytime and that is absolutely incredible in low light.

Last but certainly not least, our preserved roses' crystal boxes can be customized with text of the customer's choosing. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, births, and more are made exponentially more special and memorable with a single preserved rose that reminds the recipient of their favorite Disney film. And with preserved flowers, the message and the natural beauty of the gift can be enjoyed for years to come.

Easy Ordering Process

Browse our extensive collection of roses, find one (or more!) that's personally appealing or well-suited for the intended recipient, and add it to the cart. Once all the desired products have been added to the cart, the checkout process is a breeze. Select a shipping option, enter the desired shipping address, and place the order. Then comes the hard part: waiting until the package arrives.

Luckily, as repeat Lovely Rose customers know, the delivery wait isn't long by any means! We promptly process orders and begin the packaging and shipping processes as quickly as possible. All of our packages are handled with the utmost care and precision, and the shipping methods we let buyers choose from are intended to get orders to their destinations rapidly, for the most affordable possible price.

We understand that our products, Beauty and the Beast roses and otherwise, are delicate and fragile. As such, we've established careful and universally adhered to packaging standards that work to assure that orders are completely and totally protected. There's nothing worse than receiving a package in the mail, only to find that its contents are damaged. We also understand that at Lovely Roses, and we work each and every day to help products reach customers' doorsteps in the same condition as when they leave our premises.

It's hard to go wrong with a Beauty and the Beast rose from Lovely Roses. This is a unique gift or keepsake that allows you to show your love for one of the most beloved animated films of the past 50 years, and also, enjoy unparalleled beauty, with a preserved rose.

Our preserved roses come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes, and each rose is attached to an inscribed base and enclosed by crystal. These roses are vibrant and colorful, and they retain this colorfulness and vibrancy for one to three years, with no maintenance whatsoever required on the owner's part. Our roses and their cases can also be customized with text to suit the recipient.

Our website is easy to use, and our shipping processes are second-to-none. It isn't long after customers finish ordering that they receive their products. It's then that the real fun—the enjoyment—begins!

Don't hesitate to contact our customer support team with questions, comments, or concerns. Here's to a future that's filled with Lovely Roses!

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