Lovely Roses

One Love Collection: Single Preserved Roses

The single, solitary rose remains a timeless statement of love. Sometimes, there is nothing more romantic than a single, perfect rose to signify your single, unified love, or compare the flower to your love's distinctive beauty and individual strength. Whatever the symbolism means to you, our preserved single roses make a powerful statement, like a decisive period at the end of a confident "I love you." When these flowers last forever, they'll know you mean forever, too.


What Different Rose Colors Mean

Since the height of Classical Greece, then into the Roman Empire, the rose has been a symbol strongly associated with Aphrodite, or Venus, and therefore with love. The single red rose is associated with the Virgin Mary, with passion and romance in the works of Shakespeare and Stein, and that meaning has followed it through time and history as a lasting marker of deep romantic passion.


Red is traditional, but through time, each color has come to be lent its own meaning: yellow roses are traditional signifiers of friendship, while pink roses are associated with joy, sweetness, gentleness, and admiration. Blue roses are known, culturally, as a biological impossibility; they are a symbol of the unique, the outstanding. Lavender roses are known as an enthusiastic statement of early love, white roses signify purity and innocence, and peach roses are the perfect sophisticated go-to for any thank you gift.


But whether your lover is well-versed in conventional flower meanings, or just loves all things beautiful, every color of rose can be given with an "I love you."


Preserved Roses: The Floral Gift that Keeps Giving

Gary Chapman poses the theory of love languages: that we all best give and receive love in different languages, and, while we all have a dominant language, we can all also make an effort to speak in all of them. Speak in the love language of gift-giving with a present crafted, above all, for a pure declaration of love.


Or use our preserved single roses to speak your admiration and respect for any recipient. Flowers are a powerful way to recognize a loved one on any momentous occasion: Consider the preserved single rose as a gift for quinceañeras, bar or bat mitzvahs, or other coming of age moments in a young person's life; as gifts of admiration for a teacher who meant more to you than they ever taught you to speak; as a keepsake given from a parent to a newlywed child-in-law; as a beautiful token to mark a successful retirement.


Preserved roses are a vibrant symbol of life preserved for decades to come: What pieces of life can you capture and celebrate with them?


One Love, Many Ways to Show It

Take moments that would be commemorated with an ordinary flower arrangement a step beyond the expected. Our vibrantly colored roses are carefully preserved to take a gift that would ordinarily last a week or two in a vase and transform it into a lifelong keepsake.


The elegance of the single rose is elevated by several unique packagings tailored to best highlight each gift, and we've built each around the same resounding theme: one love. One commitment. One passion, strong enough that where words fail, it becomes time to turn to a gift steeped in rich romantic tradition and crafted with a deliberate attention to beauty to fill in every sentiment one can't convey alone.


Celebrate the loved ones in your life. To suit their personality, their achievements, or your love, find a gorgeously preserved single rose selected for to say exactly what you mean without needing words.


Bouquets, ordinary arrangements, and even rose bushes come to go, but your one love is true and your token of it will remain as lasting a keepsake as your love.