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Celebrity Collection: Naturally Preserved Roses

A Classic Gift with a Celebrity Twist

The celebrity roses collection from Lovely Roses offers gorgeous gifts for all occasions. A gift of roses represents many different kinds of warm relationships. Family will love the thoughtful care you put in to finding them such a lovely gift. Friends will feel touched at your consideration in giving them something so exquisite. Your partner will be enchanted at your choice of such a delicate symbol of your love.


These natural but preserved flowers give you a way to share the beauty of nature while delighting in your relationship. And with our special preservation process, these roses will stay fresh-looking and vibrantly colored for anywhere from one to three years.


These celebrity roses don’t just show your love for the recipient, but they also help you share your appreciation for your favorite celebrities. They also make for an interesting and opulent twist on the tried and true Valentine's Day bouquet of roses. This will make your gift special and memorable as well as a tasteful traditional token of affection. A gift from our Celebrity Collection is a great way to honor your relationship, whether the occasion is a romantic holiday or simply a surprise for your beloved partner.


A floral arrangement can honor your loved ones on family holidays and personal milestones like graduations, birthdays and anniversaries. Whether you are able to be there to celebrate their triumphs or not, they will know your thoughts and hopes are with them on these significant days. And when you choose a floral arrangement that pays homage to their favorite celebrity or singer, the recipient feels even more special!


Our bouquets have unique celebrity rose arrangements designed to make your loved one feel like a star. Each rose is an additional sign that you enjoy their presence and want to make them feel like a cherished part of your life.


A normal bouquet of flowers will wither away quickly. These preserved roses will last one to three years, giving your loved one extra time to display the gift and leaving behind a beautiful memory. They will be a reminder to always take time to smell the roses in your own precious relationships.


Our Celebrity Collection floral arrangements are only available for delivery in Miami. Contact us with any questions you have, or order one of these beautiful celebrity-inspired boxes of Lovely Roses today!

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