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Heart Box Collection: Naturally Preserved Roses

Preserved Roses Heart Collection

No matter what the occasion, a heart-shaped box of roses expresses profound love for the recipient in a simple package. And because these roses have been specially preserved, this gift will continue to remind them of your everlasting love and affection for years to come. One to three years, to be exact. And, if placed into a sealed casing in cool, dry conditions, they can enjoy them for up to a decade!

The state-of-the-art technology used in this revolutionary natural preservation results in the production and treatment of 100% natural high-quality flowers so that they will maintain their freshness, beauty, texture, and soft touch. Suppliers are located in Ecuador and Colombia, where they meet international production systems quality standards.

Why Preserved Flowers?

Preserved flowers do not wilt and are indistinguishable in their looks from fresh ones that typically last one week or less.

The color of the flowers can be changed to suit the special occasion, anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or the theme of a party. They can be used as a romantic centerpiece for a candlelight dinner or a wedding reception.

These roses come in a handmade heart-shaped container, and the blossoms extend in a lush bouquet above the top. Each arrangement comes with a color-coordinated satin bow, ribbon and a handwritten message.

Lovely Roses is an international business with professional floral designers who specialize in spectacular, elegant, and fashionable products using preserved roses. The boxes are light and easy to load, and the textured and laminated paper quality allows us to produce square, cylindrical, heart, and other personalized designs.

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