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Lovely Roses carefully selected and treated. The perfect gift for long-
lasting relationships. Our unique designs and products are packed in
high-quality handmade boxes. They are a symbol of everlasting love,
eternal family, and endless friendship. True love is especially suitable
for you.

Arrangement includes:

- A greeting note.

- Large Squared Box.

- It contains 25 Lovely Roses.


Large Square Red Preserved Roses

SKU: SQC0010
$374.99 Regular Price
$299.99Sale Price
Box Color: White
Rose Color: Red
  • From one to three years guaranteed lifetime for each Lovely Rose
    without sunlight, water or excessive heat.
    You may gently dust the rose arrangement as needed with a feather
    Do not spray any cleaning products on the roses.
    Do not put any heavy objects directly on the roses.
    Do not add water to the roses and keep them from extreme heat.


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