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Roses that Last a Year

Everything You Need to Know about Eternity Roses

Roses are a popular gift that express affection from sender to recipient. Unfortunately, traditional roses don't last that long. A fresh bunch of roses will last for about a week before it wilts and needs to be thrown away. This short lifespan simply won't do if the message you're trying to convey is undying love. Luckily, you have eternity roses for that. These flowers can last for an entire year while retaining their youthful and vibrant rose beauty.


What Are Eternity Roses?


Eternity roses are sourced from Ecuador, where each flower is meticulously cultivated for consistent quality. Once the flowers bloom, they are cut from the stem and shipped to the U.S. From there, the roses go through bespoke processes including baths and color pigmentations that allow them to retain their lavish blooms for a relatively longer period of time. This proprietary preservation method is what makes eternity roses unique.


Are Eternity Roses Legitimate?


With all the gimmicks and gag gifts out there, we can't blame anyone for being skeptical about eternity roses being real. The short answer is that eternity roses are legit, because they are real roses that have been preserved at their peak of freshness.


That being said, you cannot expect these luxury roses to retain their natural fragrance and fresh appearance without proper care and maintenance. For your eternity rose to live up to its maximum lifespan, you'll want to follow these basic maintenance tips:


• Avoid watering the roses

• Avoid exposing them in direct sunlight

• Keep the bunch in a room-temperature space

• Avoid removing the lid from the side or bottom of the box


In addition to these tips, you should also regularly and gently brush the roses to remove any dust particles that have accumulated. Lastly, handle the arrangement carefully as the roses are delicate. Do not put anything on top of the roses because even the smallest items can damage or crush them.


Benefits of Eternity Roses


The most obvious benefit of an eternity rose is that you get to enjoy the flowers for many months -- unlike fresh flowers, which usually can’t go more than a week before their beauty fades and they wilt and dry out. Thanks to the cutting-edge preservation methods we use, you get the same authentic feel of a rose arrangement for up to a year.


Because they last longer, you get more value for your money if you choose an eternity rose over a regular rose. On average, you'll expect to pay $50 for a dozen roses, perhaps more depending on time of the year. That's $50 for something you'll enjoy for a week and then throw out afterwards.


A longer lifespan also means less waste, a win-win situation for people and the environment. Rather than buying roses multiple times a year to decorate your home or office, you'll only need to do it once every year with these lovely flowers.


Eternity roses make for great gifts and decorations. They are low maintenance and a better value for your money, and they are authentically beautiful. You can order them online, too, which adds a convenience factor!

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