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Don’t Let COVID-19 Stop You From Spreading Love This Mother’s Day

Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift without ever having to leave your home! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are temporarily closed in respect of social distancing precautions, and this includes florists. However, floral arrangements— roses especially— are one of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts out there. Where can I find them now? Lovely Roses has the solution for families across Miami! Our bouquets are uniquely composed of preserved roses, lasting one to three years, meaning your Mother’s Day gift will keep your home bright much longer than a week, unlike regular bouquets. We also offer online flower delivery, so that you don’t have to risk leaving your home to ordering or pick-up. We bring it straight to you! Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so order your bouquet today!

Several Reasons A Bouquet of Roses Is A Good Idea

Show Your Love & Appreciation

For many years, the rose has been the ultimate symbol of love. So what could be a better way to show mom how much you love and cherish her presence in your life? A bouquet of roses and a handwritten card are the simplest and the best way to express your love!

Brighten Up the Room

Nothing sparks joy quite like getting a bouquet of your favorite flowers! Fresh flowers and a homemade brunch are the perfect way to start a lovely Mother’s Day spent at home with the ones you love most!

Bring Nature Inside

Right now, many of us are cooped up in our homes, unable to venture beyond the grocery store or neighborhood walk. A bouquet of roses is the perfect way to bring some of the fresh air and fragrant smells of nature into our homes during this trying time.

Get Something That Will Last.

It might not last as long as your love (which is forever), but this one is unique to Lovely Roses bouquets: our roses are preserved roses, lasting the recipient for one to three years. So mom will be able to enjoy her roses for years to come!

Where to Find the Classiest Flower Arrangements

A bouquet of roses is the perfect way to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day! But with most businesses being closed, how will you get them to her? Lovely Roses offers online flower delivery on all of our preserved rose items: choose from a variety of boxes and colors, getting her the one that best suits her personality! Make sure you also take advantage of our current special deal, just in time for Mother’s Day: 20% off of ALL items, with the promocode “Stayhome20”.

Stay safe and save money on roses that will last far beyond Mother’s Day. Your mom will be reminded of your love for months and months to come with our preserved roses, which can last up to three years!

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Save money on your flower arrangements this year with online flower delivery from Lovely Roses! Your roses will usher in happiness and love for years, thanks to our preserved rose bouquets, which have been popular with many families throughout the Miami area. Put in your flower order today!

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